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About Us

Hello! My name is Kate Thomas. I operate and run Owl Canyon Horse Services. The OCHS ranch is a full service equine facility catering to the needs of both horse and rider through horse training, riding lessons, clinics, summer camps, birthday parties, and boarding. I hope you find our website informative and helpful.

I have had a passion for horses all my life. At a young age, my parents would take me to the local farms so that I could ride the ponies. When I got too big for the ponies, I took to the supervised trail rides in the rocky mountains. I started taking horse back riding lessons in 2001 and have continued taking lessons with different instructors throughout the years. I feel it's important to continue learning and learn from as many horsemen and women as I can!

I have experience in English riding (Dressage, flatwork), Driving (both pleasure and marathon); and Western riding (Reining, Trails, Barrels, Cowboy Dressage, Western Dressage and more). I also have experience in a more unique area of horsemanship: Liberty and Trick Training. Liberty and Trick training can be so beneficial for any horse and owner/handler by building trust and confidence; and, it can be taught to horses of any age, from weanling to seniors.

In the past, I have worked for Blumenthal Friesian Farm. JR Blumenthal was a director of FHANA (Friesian Horse Association of North America) and a former Friesian horse judge. I have been involved in the training of some of the top Friesian horses in the nation whom have taken several national, grand championships.

Currently, I own several horses that we use for lessons and summer camps. You can read about them on the "Horses" tab. I have have had experience training horses ranging from unstarted and green-broke horses to horses that are trail safe, and arena horses that have a solid foundation for movements such as spins, stops, correct leads, flying lead changes, collection, half pass, side pass, liberty training, tricks, and more. I specialize in training for a safe, respectful, and willing horse whether it will be involved with arena competition, trail riding, or driving. One of my greatest passions is helping people feel confident and safe around horses, whether new into the equestrain indrustry or long time equine owners.

Owl Canyon Horse Services' horse training is based on horse-friendly methods called Horsemanship in which we use the horses natural language - Body Language. We take the time to build a relationship with each horse to show them that they can trust us as their leader. We establish ourselves as the herd leader by teaching them to give to pressure. They quickly learn that as soon as they try to do what is asked they get a reward. Their reward is the release of pressure. We don't believe in using treats as bribery, but instead using treats, sparingly, as a reward for good effort on their part. Once the horse has a general understanding of the pressure and release method, we teach them to move different parts of their body such as their head and neck, shoulders, ribs, hindquarters, and each leg, separately. When they learn to move specific parts of their body when asked of them; we will then ask them to move two or more parts of their body at the same time. We always make sure they are physically and mentally capable of completing a task before we begin. If they are not mentally or physically prepared for a task, we will go back to the basics until they are ready. We believe each horse is unique and take the time to work with each horse as an individual.

Owl Canyon Horse Services strives to make your dreams with horses become a reality. At OCHS, no dream is too big nor too small. Riding lessons are catered to your specific needs and desires. Confidence is gained through understanding how horses behave, how they interact with other horses, and by practicing safe methods under the guidence of a professional. We gladly welcome beginners through the advanced horseman or woman. We work with both English and Western riders. We know everyone has their own unique way of learning and we strive to meet people on their level of understanding for quality instruction.

The Facilities

The ranch is located in Wellington, Colorado on 50 acres situated on a hill overlooking the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

We have a maintained 200ft by 180ft outdoor arena, a maintained 50 foot round pen, and plenty of trails within the property to enjoy.

The 7-acre Front Pasture

The Arena - 200ft by 180ft

The 50' Round Pen

The Trails

The Boarding Pens