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Horsemanship Clinics 2016 / 2017

2017 Calendar

Horsemanship clinics are aimed for anyone interested to learn more about horses or wants to improve their horsemanship skills. Whether you prefer English or Western riding, are novice or experienced, a clinic with us is a great option for having an in depth look into horsemanship in a small group.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are or are not considering a clinic:

*Are you new to horses and want to learn the basics?
*Do you have kids that participate in equine activities? Perhaps you would like to learn about and ride these wonderful animals while building confidence in a safe and fun environment.
*Have you owned horses before and are looking to get back into the wonderful world of horses?
*Have you been taking lessons but want a more in depth look into horsemanship?
*Would you like to learn more advanced movements such as half passes, collection, lead changes, counter bending, stops, spins, pivots, side passes, opening gates from horseback, and much more?
Perhaps learn what any of those above words mean?
*Have you owned horses for years but have trouble with certain areas from respect, to ground work, to riding?
*Does your horse have any of the following issues (or issues not listed) that you would like to improve? *Hard to Catch, Pushy, Bolts, Spooky, Lacks Confidence, Doesn't Stand Tied, Bucks, Rears, Bites, Doesn't have Speed Control, Hard to Bridle, Hard to Saddle, Cinchy, Stiff, Unwilling, Grumpy, Tosses Head, Goes too Fast, Goes to Slow, Lazy, Ignores your Cues, Doesn't Lead Well, Doesn't Back up, Isn't Supple and Soft, Is Dull to Your aids, or more.
*Do you just want to have a better relationship with your horse?
*Are you bored with the same old routine and want to spice things up?
*Do you wish to ride your horse without a bridle?
*Does your horse go where you want go, when you want him to go, at any speed that you want him to go, while he is soft, supple, happy and eager to please you the first time you ask?

Below you will find a list of our clinics and who they are designed to help as well as the dates they will be held.

We have several lesson horses available for use in clinics or haul in your own horse. Please contact us to discuss bringing your horse.

GW - Groundwork

Jan - May 2017

12pm - 2pm
Ground work sessions are held weekly to work on horsemanship from the ground. We cover lunge-line technique's, respecting the roundpen, feel and timing, getting a solid foundation, working through problems, building a confident horse and handler, getting a softer and more supple horse, despooking, and so much more. These sessions are geared for a small group to get hands on learning and experience different horse behavior.

We use our safe lesson horses for learning how to comminicate with the horse, then progress to more challanging horses as your skills develope. Contact us to discuss bringing your own horse.

We will continue groundwork sessions year round. We will reschedule for bad weather.

$50 per session / $160 for 4 sessions.
Two-Day Horsemanship Clinic

May 6 & 7
9am - 3pm

June 9 & 10
9am - 3pm

Aug 25 & 26
9am - 3pm

The morning session for both days will be focused on gaining control and respect from the ground using on-line and round pen exercises. We will work through problems to get a soft, willing horse from the ground. We will get speed control in each gate, preform smooth transitions between gaits, get gentle but timely turns and stops on a line and in the round pen at liberty. This clinic will include everything from our Groundwork 2 clinic, plus more which gives you more time and personal coaching to develop your skills.

The afternoon session will be geared towards helping you advance your riding skills and building a stronger bond with your horse while you are on his back. Western or English riders welcome. We will go over patterns and exercises to help you gain more control of your horses body. You will gain a strong, balanced seat and a soft, willing horse. We will also present some de-spooking exercises to help your horse over-come fears and you will be better equipped to handle a fearful horse.

With this two-day clinic, you will get more personalized coaching and be able to get a more in-depth look into techniques to help you improve your timing, cues, and body positioning. You may get the opportunity to work with a different horse to gain more experience. You will get to see your fellow horse-lovers work through problems and progress along with you.

Some specific things we will cover:
*Body Positioning *De-spooking *Speed Control *Balanced Seat *Smooth Transitions *Rounpen Excercises *Joining Up with your Horse *Lunge-Line techniques *Obstacles *Using your Core *Posting *Leg Cues *Rein Positions *Solid Stops *Pivots *Rider Focus *Strengthing Exercises *Rythem and Timing *Gaining a stronger bond *Having More Fun

Cost: $160 per person. $15 for one day to audit. $25 for both days to audit.
Minimum of 3 participants. Maximum of 6 participants.
Non-Refundable Reservation Deposit of $50 required to hold your spot.
Bring your own lunch or swing into the town of Wellington for a bite to eat.

We will have tables and chairs set up onsite for lunch. Bleechers are onsite for spectators.

Please click to view calendar: 2017 Calendar

Please note:
*To reserve your spot for a clinic, please fill out this registration form: Clinic Registration (click to open in a new page) and send a non-refundable $50 with your registeration form to the address provided.

*All participants are required to fill out and sign the Release Form: Release form (click to open in a new page)

*Minimum of 3 people must be signed up for each clinic.
*Maximum of 6 people are allowed per clinic for the best possible instruction.
*Reserve your spot at least 30 days prior to the clinic you wish to attend.
*Clinic will be rescheduled if the weather prohibits safe riding, as our arena is outdoors.
*Spectators are welcome. $15 per person per day. Well behaved children 14 and under are free.
*Contact us to discuss bringing your own horse. No fee applies for haul-ins.