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Meet The Horses

Hello, I'm Ben! I am a senior Arabian gelding. I have been there and done that! I was a race horse when I was young and retired due to a leg injury. I recovered and have since been healthy and strong. I have been in gymkhanas, have jumped a few low jumps, and have been on countless trail rides in the mountains. I've been a lesson horse for nearly 20 years. In my prime I learned how to collect, do flying lead changes, rollbacks, half passes, pivots, and even was ridden without a bridle and saddle! Now that I am semi-retired, I give children my special focus and attention. I love children and I know the most important part of my job is to be dependable, and that's exactly what I am. I am a great confidence builder for timid children. Also, I'll do ANYTHING for a treat - including a few special tricks!
Hello, We're Biscuit and Gravy! We're are the two cutest miniature horses you'll ever meet! We help students learn about grooming, ground work, and ground driving. We also give pony rides to ages 3 and under! We are currently in driving training and are progressing well. Soon we'll be able to give cart rides! We love our job and can't wait to meet you!
Howdy, I'm Bandit! I'm a black paint gelding with one striking blue eye. I've been a trail ridin' horse most of my life, nothing bothers me! I'm laid back and ready for a ride anytime! I am very eager to please my rider. I don't like heavy hands though, I will toss my head to let you know that you are putting too much pressure on my mouth. Don't worry though, once the pressure is gone I'm perfectly happy to do what is asked of me. It takes a good push to get me to canter, but once you and I get our rhythem down I'll do anything you ask me to do! I've had riders of all ages and abilities ride me. I also know fancy movements such as rollbacks, half-pass, collection, and more. Kate is always helping me improve my knowledge and abilities so I can continue to learn fancier and more refined movements. Can I help improve your riding ability too?
Hi there, I'm Anira and I am a paint horse princess. Please come brush me and comb my mane and tail, I'll stand in the same spot all day long if it means that I get to look pretty afterward! I like riders that are kind and patient with light hands because it takes me a little while before I want to trot or canter. I sometimes have a mind of my own, but this helps you as a rider learn to plan ahead to get me to go where you would like me to go at the speed you would like me to go. Do you know your groundwork? It's kind of like homework, but MUCH more fun. You see, people use ground work to communicate to us horses before they get on our backs or to better our understanding of specific movements. I am good at teaching people how to use body language too. When you come visit, please oh please, don't forget to bring that brush! Apples and carrots are also a favorite of mine. I am possibly available for sale to a wonderful and fitting home.
Hello, My name is Sky! I am a Spotted Saddle Horse. I have a lovely gait but I require a more advanced rider because I am not very confident with someone on my back. However I am really good on a lead line! I'll follow the handler ANYWHERE. This means I am good for kids if I am being lead. I am also currently in training for tricks, equine agility, and other fun liberty acts. I help teach people about ground work and horse language (body language). I am available for sale to a very special person that will give me a wonderful home. Contact Kate to discuss options! By the way, I absolutely love being at the center of attention, especially if treats are involved! So please be sure to bring an extra carrot just for me, ok? I am possibly available for sale to a wonderful and fitting home.
Hi y'all, the name is Buck. I'm a buckskin quarter horse. I am great for timid children, I sense that they need an extra calm horse for them to gain their confidence. I need a confident rider to do anything faster than a walk, I tend to have a fast trot and am sensetive to leg cues. I'll let you know that I have a big canter, it takes a strong, solid seat to keep me in rythem. Like Bandit, I don't like my mouth pulled on too hard. Light hands are the key. I'll try do to everything you ask me to do. I would love to help your riding ability improve as well as your ground work skills. I am very level headed and calm, but have the energy for those that seek a little more speed. I am possibly available for sale to a wonderful and fitting home. C'mon out, I can't wait to meet y'all!
Hi Everyone! I'm a gorgeous sorrel Paint gelding with 4 white stockings and a bald face. I have class and charm. The name is Joe, or Joe-Joe, as I'm often called. I also have another nickname nowadays, which is "Curious Joe", because I investigate everything and am very attentive to my surroundings. I am used to help intermediate riders and above learn how to improve their horsemanship skills. I easily move forward so it takes a solid seat and kind hands to keep me in rythem. I've learned from my best friend, Buck, how to be calm at the walk for younger riders, but I can get excitable easily so when the kiddo's ride me I'm always under careful supervision. I am learning how to collect and give to leg pressure. I am a little energetic at times for the lesson program so Kate would like to find me a new home where I can be my goofy, energetic self with someone who is light handed, caring, and fun. If I sound like a good fit for your home, contact Kate and let's go riding!

Horses That Have Crossed the Rainbow Bridge...

R.I.P Doctor Pepper. You lived the last 3 years of your 30 year life here at our ranch in retirement. The kids loved grooming and giving you special treats during camps and after lessons. May you rest in peace big guy. You shared the importance of caring for an older horse to many kids and adults too. It's not an easy task, but it's more than worth seeing an old friend till the end. You are missed old man.
R.I.P. Rio / "I Like it That Way". I'm sorry your life was run short, too short. But, I am glad we were able to give you the last year of your short life out to pasture running free on our 50 acres with the rest of the OCHS horses. The kids enjoyed grooming and bathing you. You taught children and adults the importance of being kind-hearted to animals and caring for them even when their sick. <3 Run free sweet big boy.