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Video Collection

Basic Groundwork session. October 2016.

Horse Summer Camps from 2016

Horse Summer Camp video from 2014

A video from 2013 demonstrating what goes on at the Owl Canyon Horse Summer Camp program for kids. Enjoy!

2011 Summer Camps

Kate is instructing a riding lesson (in 2011) with a student that has been working with her since June of 2010. In this video, she has her student ride with a bareback pad to work on using leg pressure to direct the horses movement. The energy level of the student is also important to increase and decrease forward and backward movement of the horse. She asks her student to lower or raise their energy to the appropriate level so that the horse will move into the desired speed.

Ben is a 22 year old Arabian gelding. He responds to verbal ques "Walk" "Trot" "Whoa" and others; so Kate had told her student that "W" means to walk and "X" means to halt.

Kate instructs a student bareback in 2011. This is the students first time riding this horse bareback. The student has been with OCHS since June of 2010. In this brief clip, Kate works with the student on balance, the use of leg pressure without using the reins, leg placement, relaxation, and getting forward movement from the horse.